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A Key to Great Interior Design: Get Your Lighting Right

As you set out to flaunt your home’s best assets, the most vital element might be the lighting tasked with accentuating it all. Think about it: we love parks, shopping centers, and other public areas that have bright, ample lighting. Potential buyers will appreciate the same glow coming from your home.

It’s not as simple as turning on every overhead light. You need to choose the right combination of blubs to brighten up the space. Here are seven staging tips to ensure your property is perfectly lit before a showing.


This is the point of entry into your home, so be sure to make a good first impression. The lighting in your foyer should create a warm, welcoming effect. Hanging pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces will work nicely here.


The majority of our time is spent here, so it is important to have easily controllable (think dimmers) and functional lighting in this space. Try to combine overhead lighting with a mix of floor and table lamps. Don’t forget to make use of the natural light in your living room as well. Open shades and draperies to let daylight filter in. Not only does it make your home look beautiful, but it saves energy too.


Cooking, baking, and at-home happy hours can all benefit from good lighting. When it comes to your kitchen specifically, it’s important to keep in mind that your lighting should not only set the mood but also help you see properly for all your chopping, searing, and kneading.

Under-cabinet lighting can be extremely useful. It can illuminate your countertops while you work and can be turned off with the flick of a switch when you need more ambiance.

Light the dark corners of your kitchen that include features like shelves, counters, cupboards, and pantries. Areas like these are often neglected, but they become more functional and beautiful when properly lit.

Pendant lamps can be a fun and functional option above kitchen sinks, islands, and breakfast nooks. In the first two cases, they can help to illuminate the work triangle, which is where home chefs do their most prep, cooking, and clean up.

Consider uplighting your kitchen for a luxe touch that’s worth every penny. It provides a soft glow when you’re hanging out in the kitchen and highlights those cabinets you spent hours DIYing—or a good chunk of your kitchen update budget on.


Your bedroom is arguably one of—if not the most—important rooms in your home. It’s essential to get the lighting right in order to have a space you actually look forward to going to bed in. These tips will ensure you can set the mood for anything and make your bedroom relaxation-worthy.

Use candles safely for ambiance. Nothing helps to set the mood like a row of tealights in votives or a scented candle on your nightstand.

Bedside lamps with warm bulbs are a must. No one wants to leave the comfort of their covers to turn the lights out after reading—or to have to try to find the way back to the bed after flicking the switch at the door.

The latest techy alarm clock lights serve as a unique way to wake you up in the morning. They work well with your circadian rhythm by imitating a sunrise and will always feel better than flicking on harsh overhead lights.

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