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Who We Are

At Dori Custom Homes, our projects evolve through deep collaboration with our clients on every level, assuring that your home is built upon a shared vision; One that expresses your personal aesthetics, taste and lifestyle.  

Once a home is built, personalization comes in the elemental design process. The selection of surfaces,  fabrications, choices in hardware and fixtures, are the final touches in creating a home that is uniquely yours. Dori Custom Homes has an expansive list of longstanding relationships and resources to enhance this final phase. Our partners provide us with the highest quality of finish materials and products. Exclusive relationships give us access to many products not available to other firms in our area. Our philosophy is to maintain the concept of expressing individuality of every client.

2613 Alvord custom home project
Amir Dori
amir dori

Attention to detail, quality in workmanship, and dedication are three main characteristics of what defines Amir Dori’s portfolio and career. He is the founder and President of Dori Engineering, Inc., a boutique builder and development firm specializing in unique quality projects throughout the South Bay with the main office located in Redondo Beach, California.​With a portfolio of over 140 projects over the past several years, building Modern multi-unit condominiums to custom Mediterranean Single Family Homes has made him an expert in diverse styles, with the ability to adapt to project needs and has given him the tools and passion necessary to excel in the completion of each project he undertakes. His involvement begins with initial consultations, followed by diligent observation of the design concept and material specifications, along with directing the project to the end ensuring the client's objectives.​  As a principal, he has been responsible for leading and managing a wide variety of complex projects including residential, commercial, mixed-use, condominiums, multi-family building and development projects. We hope you enjoy viewing just a sample of some of his projects.

Ali Madani
ali madani

Ali Madani’s broad hands-on experience for over 30 years is a testament to his love for creating and building. His passion sparked at early ages by showing interest in architectural structures and materials. Soon after college graduation, he established a woodworking factory which grew and evolved to be one of the most sophisticated factories in the South Bay Area catering to high-end residential and commercial clientele. He returned to construction and for the next several years managed many remodeling and development projects all over Los Angeles. To better hone his knowledge in building material, he studied about natural stone and its application in construction. He traveled to Europe and the Middle East and imported unique stone products for his clients. Through his commitment to excellence and dedication to professionalism, Ali continued to exceed in the industry standards by forming strong professional partnerships based on integrity, ingenuity and reliability. Today, Ali, with his talent and impressive track record,  is a valued member of Dori Custom Homes.

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